Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy Birthday baby girls

It was their 1st birthday to celebrate since coming home. Last year the day passed without them knowing or having anyone acknowledge their special day. We celebrated in our hearts and dreamed of what their special day would feel like.

We started with a yummy dinner of hotdogs and watermelon.

Thanks to cousin Lauren for taking pictures of the cakes.
We sang to Madelyn first.
Then it was Mabree's turn.
They had their own paparazzi. It was magical watching our families celebrate our girls.
We put an extra candle on their cakes to honor their China mommy. I think of her often and feel such gratitude for the decision she made to give them life. It would have been easier in her culture for her to have chosen otherwise. She must be wondering how they are and if they are loved. We pray for the girls birth parents and hope that they have found some peace in the decisions that they had to make.
I don't' think we'll have to encourage them to eat their cake next year.

They were showered with presents, love and a whole lot of sugar.
  Jason and I are blessed to still have 3 Grandmothers. We missed Nanny but were so pleased that my grandmother and Jason's grandmother on his mothers side were able to come out to the party. I wish I'd gotten the girls in this picture.
We are so blessed to have supportive family.  We get told often that the girls are lucky for having been adopted. The truth is that we are the luck ones who get to have them in our lives. I really cannot express the love that we have for them. They are totally and completely planted deep in our hearts.
Happy 3rd Birthday Madelyn and Mabree. We love you to China and back again!!

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  1. A beautiful story you are writing. I am so glad to know that Tourville family personally.