Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy Birthday baby girls

It was their 1st birthday to celebrate since coming home. Last year the day passed without them knowing or having anyone acknowledge their special day. We celebrated in our hearts and dreamed of what their special day would feel like.

We started with a yummy dinner of hotdogs and watermelon.

Thanks to cousin Lauren for taking pictures of the cakes.
We sang to Madelyn first.
Then it was Mabree's turn.
They had their own paparazzi. It was magical watching our families celebrate our girls.
We put an extra candle on their cakes to honor their China mommy. I think of her often and feel such gratitude for the decision she made to give them life. It would have been easier in her culture for her to have chosen otherwise. She must be wondering how they are and if they are loved. We pray for the girls birth parents and hope that they have found some peace in the decisions that they had to make.
I don't' think we'll have to encourage them to eat their cake next year.

They were showered with presents, love and a whole lot of sugar.
  Jason and I are blessed to still have 3 Grandmothers. We missed Nanny but were so pleased that my grandmother and Jason's grandmother on his mothers side were able to come out to the party. I wish I'd gotten the girls in this picture.
We are so blessed to have supportive family.  We get told often that the girls are lucky for having been adopted. The truth is that we are the luck ones who get to have them in our lives. I really cannot express the love that we have for them. They are totally and completely planted deep in our hearts.
Happy 3rd Birthday Madelyn and Mabree. We love you to China and back again!!

Happy Birthday America

Our very first Independence Day as US citizens.
  We hit the lake with our little family.
It was really bright and the sun was in our eyes.
The girls liked the tube as long as it wasn't moving.

We watched fireworks with our neighbor friends in the back yard. 


And topped off our weekend with fireworks at the Bennett's.
 We remember those who serve and have served so that we can enjoy freedom.
To you we are grateful.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Today is a special day

Today marks 16 years since Jamison had heart surgery. He was born with Tetrology of Fallot. ToF is four heart defects that occur together. He had three of the four and made it to 5 months old before he needed surgery. The plan was for him to be 6 months old and 15 pounds. He was a big healthy baby weighing in at 9# 11 oz. With each weight check I would cringe to see him gain weight. Each new oz. was another step closer to surgery.

 I would have rathered never seeing my baby this way.
But God..... turned an awful experience full of fear and pain into a beautiful growing experience for Jason and me. We learned to trust in what we know. That God would never leave us and that he was always near. He was in control and no matter the outcome he had our best interests at heart.
One week post surgery

Two weeks later and he was home and back to his happy self. Thanks be to God!
Today he is 16 and a sophomore in HS. He plays the tuba, plays tennis, is active in youth at church and sports a beard. We are reminded every day how very blessed we are but today is an extra reminder of all that God has done for us. We are truly blessed. We love you Jamison Douglas and are so pleased with how you live your life, following hard after God, and finding what your purpose is in life.
Ps 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone, oh Lord,  make me dwell in safety.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pearl River cruise and pearl market

Yesterday the girls had their medical exams. They did great .In fact I cried more than Mabree and Madelyn did. I really didn't like them taking the girls for the blood draw but it was actually good. We got to be their hero's once the pain was over. Still, it was really hard to stand on the other side of the door and hear them cry. Last night we took a cruise down the Pearl river. It was beautiful and fun. Today we went to the Pearl market. I may or may not have spent a little money there. Tonight we will eat dinner with the other 6 amazing families in our group. Tomorrow is our Consulate appointment and Thursday we head to Hong Kong to fly home on Friday. The girls are doing great and Abraham and Sarah are still keeping up with them. I will cherish every minute we have been here but boy oh boy are we ready to be home.

Buddist temple, Chen House and shopping

We toured a Buddhist Temple, Chen Palace and shopping today. While we are not Buddhists, it was interesting to see and experience. I kept thanking the Lord that we don't have to go through such ritual to have access to Jesus. Tomorrow the girls will have their medical exams. They will take them away from us for a little while to draw their blood.  Please pray that they handle this ok and that it isn't too traumatic. We are having a good time but we are so ready to be home. The 31st can't come soon enough. Love to all.

ZhenZhou Zoo October 23rd, 2014

We had a fun day today. We went to the ZhengZhou zoo. That’s a lot of Z’s. J Then back to the hotel for lunch and a nap for momma and babies. Jason and Jay went to a meeting to get all of our paperwork. They are in the hallway playing ball and trying to burn off some 9 year old energy. The girls are really coming out of their shells. They have sweet personalities and are really different. Last night they didn’t sleep very well. All 5 of us ended up in the king size and that didn’t make for very good sleep. I’m praying that tonight is better. I am really glad that they are crying out in the night instead of just lying there alone. They have a few self-soothing behaviors but are reaching for us from the crib and crying when they need something. This is tiring but really good.